Like most people on the web, I don’t like being inundated with sales pitches every time I open a web page to read a story or engage with friends. There’s a place for advertising for sure, but we’re usually online to be entertained and informed, not pitched. Smart businesses know this. They’re learning instead to attract customers with content that’s useful, engaging, and entertaining. That’s where I excel — helping businesses create relevant and usable content that people actually want to read, helping them make decisions and driving them to take action.

My professional career has survived Y2K, the dot com bubble, relocation to the great state of Texas, being a taste tester for Guinness, and more coffee than I want to think about to become what my former CMO boss describes as, “The quintessential content marketing pro.” I believe Humpty Dumpty was wrong, words mean things — each a very specific thing — and meaning is the essence of communication.

I began my career transition from technical writing to content marketing as 21CT began its transition from being an R&D firm to a commercial software company. As their need for an enhanced web presence and stronger marketing activities grew, I began taking on content management and copywriting responsibilities.

I became a full time content marketing professional reporting to the chief marketing officer when 21CT established its first ever dedicated marketing team, and I went on to manage all web content, writing 96 blog posts in two years and copy editing over 90 additional blog posts and article submissions to several major online magazines.*

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*Sadly, the vast majority of the blog posts I wrote at 21CT — as well as those from other authors that I edited — were taken down after the company sold off their network security software business (which I mostly wrote about), changed their name to DeUmbra, and radically changed their business plan.